16 July 2018

I'm in love.... DO I?

I've a story to tell. This is my love story... hmm, maybe not?  hahaha... i dont know yet.

Well, its begin like this. I met her through a spouse seeking site. My friend ask me to sign up. The truth is, i had already sign up before but later i delete my account. It is a long story. Next time, maybe.

Ok. then after i make my account. and put all those information about me. Base on my experience before, i learn how to share my info in this site. It is a trick to bait them. And hopefully many of them will ready to go 'taaruf' with me.

Yes, just like i said, it is  a success. Not for long i wait, a few persons send me 'salam' and invitation to 'taaruf'. Hahaha... of course they want to know who i am. After i put a little bit of beautiful quotes and hiding my picture plus i am an ustaz on my information.  i really am glad for them.

When they ask me to see my picture, i do accept and show them my picture. there were 1 or 2 girls still continue want to 'taaruf' with me. Thank you guys, i really appreaciate it.

Well this is only the beginning.

there were a girl, i saw in my profile visitors list. Her face look like she is a scary person. From her picture, i can imagine how fierce she can be when she is angry. hahaha... well just like how i feel when the 1st time i met my 1st ex... haa...😔

She triggered my curiosity to know her. She is 9 years younger then me. Oooh.. my ages 😢 She is living not far from my place. So, without thinking further, i send her 'salam' and invitation for 'taaruf'.

Good news. After a few hours, i get a notification saying that she is accepting my invitation. Well, this is my chance to know her. For your information, i think the last time i ever do this is past 4 or 5 years ago. And it end not very well. It was really bad and traumatic experience for rme.

Our conversation start with me asking her how long have her been in this site... and so on. I ask her about her education. Job. Her family and siblings. And so on. It is a very nice feeling.

My sister ask me, "Why do you smiling while looking at your laptop?"

Wow, i didn't realize it. Hahaha...

There were some funny reaction of her when she ask me about polygamy
. Because in my information, i pick yes for "Do you planning of polygamy's" question. Hahaha.. silly me.

Her reaction is, "If you planning of polygamy, please find other girls who ready to do."

I'm suprise. little bit of panicking. I said, "it just a plan. I cant be sure that i will get more then one wife. Because right now, i cant even get one."

She said, "you just saying. I dont believe you."

Oh my god! I'm doooom! I really dont to stop this taaruf process with her.

"Give us  sometimes to know each other better. Later we can discuss this again," i replied.

Thank goodness, she accept it. She apologize and start sharing with me her story.

Phew... i'm saved!

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