06 November 2015

I miss both of you

I do really want to cry with both of you

I really miss to touch your hand and feet
I really miss to feel your smiles and laughs

I felt lonely because i always think how do other peoples see me
But i forgot both of you always feel proud of me

I do, I do really want to cry
with both of you
The tear of happiness
and sadness, i really want to share with you

but you are so far away
sometimes loneliness keep torturing me
by let me think that no one ever care about me

It let me forget that far from here
there were thousand silent's prays for my happiness
and they were from both of you

when you said,
you don't know will you ever see me again
it really broke my heart

i'm not so tough
even with my big body
i'm not so strong
and i'm not so brave
to live in this lonely life without you guys

I miss you mum
I miss you dad
I miss both of you
Very, very much

Deep in my heart, i'm really sacred
If this hopeless son of yours
will either make you cries
of sadness or
in tears of happiness
i don't know
and i'm scared to know